About Us

The company is led by an CEO appointed by BOD / PEPCO and has four main units, Operation / Customer Services, Engineering Solution Development and R&D, Business Development, HR and Finance. The organisation will use a matrix reporting system and a project-style approach to dealing with a variety of IT systems.

  1. The company's ongoing activities are managed by the Operation/Customer Directorate services. The major task is to give ongoing support to PEPCO Management and DISCOs, as well as to assess, bill, and collect income from power customers on a timely basis.
  2. Business Development and Marketing are critical to the company's growth and development. It contributes to the overall management of the company, developing and implementing a marketing plan to increase revenue while bearing in mind the sector's strengths and weaknesses, possibilities and dangers. The organization is in charge of ensuring that the products and services are adequately promoted.
  3. The Engineering Solution Development team will be in charge of enhancing the organization's activities, from traditional billing support to the start of new ones like the implementation of an integrated assets management system for distribution companies, ERP implementation, automatic meter reading infrastructure setup, SMART GRID and SCADA system configuration in DISCOs.
  4. The R&d division is tasked with serving as the organization's foundation and is consequently in charge of all future and ongoing development projects. Maintain the organization's alignment with technological advancements.

Structure of the Company


140 staff, including consultants and professionals from several fields, are onboard to provide support to PITC customers 24 hours a day, seven days a week.